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Editorial Board

Professor. Dr. Atef Sayed Abdel-Razek (Egypt)   [curriculum vitae]
National Research Centre
Department of Biology 
and Agricultural Sciences

Professor. Dr. Ashraf Abd El-Aala Abd El-Mohsen (Egypt[curriculum vitae]
Agronomy department
Faculty of Agriculture
Cairo University- Giza, Egypt

Professor. Dr. TURGUT AYGÜN (Turkey)   [curriculum vitae]
Department of Veterinary Biochemistry
Yuzuncu Yil University, Van

Professor. Dr. Raziuddin (Pakistan)   [curriculum vitae]
Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics
Chairman, Sports Board of the University
The University of Agriculture
Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa- Pakistan

Professor. Dr. Yongchao LIANG (China)   [curriculum vitae]
Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Professor. Dr. Kamajou François (Cameroon)   [curriculum vitae]
Faculté d'Agronomie et des Sciences Agricoles 
Université de Dschang

Professor.Dr. Mohamed Abd-Elghany Bekheta (Egypt)   [curriculum vitae]
Plant Physiology, Botany Department
National Research Center
Dokki, Cairo

Professor. Dr. Akbar Nikkhah (Iran)   [curriculum vitae]
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Zanjan

Professor. Dr. Ahmed Medhat Mohamed Al-Naggar (Egypt)   [curriculum vitae]
Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture
Agronomy Department, Giza,Egypt.

Associate Professor. Dr. Erdem YILMAZ (Turkey)   [curriculum vitae]
Determination of Some
Trimming Waste Effect on Some
Soil Properties

Associate Professor. Dr. Katya Uzundzhalieva (Bulgaria) [curriculum vitae]

Dep. Plant Genetic Resources - Medical and Aromatic Plants, Botanical garden

Institute of Plant Genetic Resources- Sadovo, Bulgaria

Dr. Hui Peng (China)   [curriculum vitae]
Crop Genetics and Breeding
Nanjing Agricultural University
Nanjing, China

Associate Professor. Dr. Hristofor Kirchev (Bulgaria)   [curriculum vitae]
Crop Science Department
Faculty of Agronomy
Agricultural University
4000 Plovdiv

Associate Professor. Dr. Naceur M’hamdi (Tunisian)   [curriculum vitae]
Associate Professor at the National Institute
of Agronomy of Tunisia
University of Carthage

Associate Professor. Dr. Danial Kahrizi (Iran)   [curriculum vitae]
Agronomy and Plant Breeding Dept
Razi University, Kermanshah

Assistant  Professor. Dr. Alihan COKKIZGIN (Turkey)   [curriculum vitae]
Cukurova University
Faculty of Agriculture
Field Crops Department

Assistant  Professor. Dr. Walid Wafik Mohamed Badawy (Egypt)   [curriculum vitae]
Genetic Engineering Botany Department
Faculty of Agric., Suez
Canal University, Ismailia

Assistant Professor. Dr. Somayeh Soltani-Gerdefaramarzi (Iran)   [curriculum vitae]
Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture
and Natural Resources Engineering
Ardakan, Iran

Assistant professor. Dr. Khosro Mohammadi (Iran)   [curriculum vitae]
Agronomy Department
Islamic Azad University
Sanandaj Branch, Iran

Dr. Ada, Fidelis Bekeh (Nigeria)   [curriculum vitae]
Dept of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences,
Cross River University of Technology, Obubra Campus
Cross River State

Dr. AWUNYO-VITOR DADSON (Ghana)   [curriculum vitae]
Department of Agricultural Economics
and Agribusiness, University of Ghana
Legon, Ghana

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ullah (Pakistan)   [curriculum vitae]
Land Resources Research Institute
National Agricultural Research Centre
Park Road, Islamabad

Dr. Mario Reinoso Pérez (Cuba)   [curriculum vitae]
entre for Environmental Research and Services
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Carretera Central No. 716 e/ Colón y Cabo Brito
Santa Clara 50100, Villa Clara

Dr. Khaled Nabih Zaki Rashed (Egypt)   [curriculum vitae]
Pharmacognosy Department
National Research Center
Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

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