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Journals Data JList Applied Science Reports 2015 Volume 10 Issue 1 1

Just hearing “Quantum Physics” is sometimes enough for someone to feel intimidated and wander off. It is somehow weird and could sound counterintuitive even for experts in this field. But it isn’t something that no one can learn. If you are studying quantum physics, there are key concepts that must be taken into account.

By doing so, it will be more bearable to understand what quantum physics is all about.

Understanding Quantum Physics

Among the most intriguing and controversial elements of quantum physics is that it is impossible to foresee with certainty the result of one experiment using quantum system. When physicists are trying to predict the outcome of an experiment they are working on, the prediction is always taking in form of probability to find every potential outcome.

Then, they perform comparisons among experiments and theory from many repeated experiments.

Quantum Physics Math Interpretation

The math description for quantum physics usually takes wavefunction form. Generally, this is being represented by equations in Greek letter psi Ψ. There are so many debate and discussions regarding what exactly is being represented by the wavefunction. Experts are actually divided to those who are thinking of wavefunction being a real physical thing and the other group are those who believe that the wavefunction is an expression of knowledge towards the underlying state of quantum object.