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Journals Data JList Applied Science Reports 2016 Volume 13 Issue 2 3

You do not necessarily need to become a scientist to feel excited towards the breakthroughs about theoretical physics. The discoveries similar to gravitational waves as well as Higgs boson inspires wonders at complex and exceptional beauty of universe regardless how much your understanding is about them.

Are there Impacts of Studying Science?

However, there are some who always questions the impact of these scientific advances to them and to why there should be millions of dollars spent on research and development. No doubt, it is remarkable that we have the ability of studying black holes for thousands of light years away. Thing is, none of it would change how people work or live their lives.

The reality though, it’s primarily theoretical studies in physics may at times result to awesome changes in the society. Truth is, there are a number of key factors to our modern societies from computers to satellite communication that becomes feasible by investigating what lies beyond us.

Quantum Leap

Almost a century ago, quantum mechanics was largely theoretical topic, only designed to understand specific atomic properties. Founding fathers similar to Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg had no applications at all in mind. They’re just driven by the journey of understanding what earth is made of.