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Journals Data JList Applied Science Reports 2018 Volume 23 Issue 1 6

There are many advantages for the application of nuclear technology aside from generating electricity. Some of these benefits are ranging from medical to agriculture as well as space exploration and water desalination.

Food and Agriculture

In various parts of the world, agricultural workers are using radiation in preventing harmful insects to reproduce. When such creatures fail to have their offspring, there will definitely be fewer of them. By reducing the numbers of bugs and pests, it protects their crops and provides more food for consumers.

Irradiation additionally helps in killing bacteria and all other harmful organisms in food. This kind of sterilization happens without radioactivity in food or affecting nutritional value significantly. Truth is, irradiation is the only method of killing bacteria in frozen and raw foods effectively.

Medical Field

Nuclear technologies are providing images inside human body that is then used in treating diseases. For instance, nuclear research enabled doctors in having precise prediction of the amount of radiation needed to eliminate cancer tumors without affecting the healthy cells.

Hospitals are sterilizing medical equipment using gamma rays through cost-effective approach without compromising safety. Items that are sterilized through radiation consist of burn dressings, heart valves, surgical gloves and syringes.