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Journals Data JList Scientia Agriculturae 2014 Volume 7 Issue 3 4

Vaccine creation requires the presence of medical experts and scientists and normally takes 10 to 15 years of in-depth research before a vaccine becomes available to the public. The first part of the process is years of lab research to which scientists as well as researchers are identifying antigen that will prevent diseases.

Process of Vaccine Creation

As soon as the test vaccine has got clearance for further investigation by US FDA, there will be 3 more stages of thorough clinical tests that will be conducted on human volunteers. This is to test the efficacy of the proposed vaccine. At the same time, to find out the appropriate dosage and to keep track of any adverse effects and the likes.

These trials normally take years to complete wherein the last stage involves a test group of thousands of human volunteers.

Getting an Approval is just the Scratch

But it is not the end of the rope. Once it has its approval, the FDA keep monitoring the vaccine and test everything from batches of vaccine to production and also, the facilities where it was manufactured. The FDA is conducting ongoing monitoring of the vaccine reactions too to ensure that it is safe and no serious repercussions it will create among people.