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From the past 5 decades, there have been significant changes that have been applied to farms and farming techniques. Now, livestock are typically raised inside, the yields are much higher and the farms become bigger. And not to mention, there’s less manual labor required. It isn’t even common to see beef cattle, pigs, dairy cows as well as poultry on similar farm.

It’s All about our Technology

Do you ever wonder or asked yourself why this is happening? The answer all lies on our technology.

Genetics and Breeding

Improving the breed of livestock isn’t entirely a new practice. Humans start domesticating animals for millennia.

Early farmers have chosen livestock for its adaptability to specific climates and then bred to boost temperament, improve productivity, enhance meet and everything in between that can be produced from them.

While the practice isn’t entirely a new one, the technology used in improving livestock genetics as well as breeding of animals changed drastically throughout the years.

Animal geneticists are working hard to figure out elements within genes that could enhance the animal’s health, growth and also, the ability to absorb nutrients. Genetic advances would then boost the production while also lowering environmental impacts, which is technically a good thing.