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Science is highly valued by our society primarily for its application of scientific knowledge. It helps in satisfying and meeting countless of basic human requirements while improving quality of life too. Being able to find cure for cancer and renewable energy are only just two of the prime examples of science in action.

Preserving Earth’s Resources

Likewise, science is usually justified to the general public as the driving growth of economy, which is considered as a return of investment for public funding.

Throughout the past decades on the other hand, a big goal in science emerges and that is to find ways of rationally using natural resources in guaranteeing their continuity and also, the continuity of humanity. This is a mission also known as sustainability.

Scientists are normally justifying their work by using these arguments that is linked to longer life expectancies and personal health, economic profits, technological advancements and/or sustainability to be able to secure funds and to gain social acceptance.

All are Products by Science

They are pointing out that majority of the technologies, tools and medicines we’re using today are either byproducts or products of research from rockets, pens to medicines such as aspirin or even organ transplant.

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