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Microsoft Office is a bundled office tools software innovated by Microsoft. These are incredibly useful tools that are extensively used at home, in offices and schools so as to manage, organize and present data and information. The primary applications include:

  • MS Word – for word processing and document creation
  • MS Excel – a powerful data analysis and visualization tool
  • MS PowerPoint – for slideshow creation and presentation
  • MS Publisher – a simple layout and design program able to create and share professional-looking publications
  • MS OneNote – a program designed for note-taking and information storage
  • MS Outlook – for organizing emails, scheduling, and sharing calendar and files
  • MS Access – a program for managing and storing information for reference, analysis, and reporting

Since there are several MS Office programs to select from, and where not all of these programs are relevant to every MS Office user, Microsoft created versions and editions of these applications to meet the diverse needs of different users across industries. There is an MS Office suite for home use, students, small businesses, large corporations, and even for government use. The cost of each suite depends on what is included in the bundle.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is an edition of the Office 2019 version. Available as a one-time buy via volume licensing providers or online retail stores, this productivity software by Microsoft is a widely-used business office suite.

MS Office 2019 Pro Plus is an Office suite intended for small businesses. It has all the fundamental toolset for you to carry out and complete tasks in the best possible and professional way, anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Aside from the core MS programs – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook – Publisher, Access, OneDrive and Skype for Business are also included in the suite. Along with new and improved features, Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus can significantly aid in increasing productivity as well as connect authorized users to major business processes, allowing you and your team to accomplish much more in a short period of time. is a trusted online store where you can choose from a range of software solutions and operating systems at a price that you can definitely afford. They offer the best products from Microsoft designed for commercial use and private use, whether you are in need of an operating system, a server system, or a suite of productivity software, including Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

If you are uncertain of which software solution would best fit your needs and budget, has consultants with the industry knowledge and experience who are ready and glad to provide you advise on the most suitable products for your software needs.

Microsoft Education for Teachers and Students

As Microsoft is aware of the diverse needs of its users, their products are designed to provide functionality, reliability and stability. As a result, most of their products are widely used across industries, including the Education industry.

To help students and teachers gain equitable accessibility to technology, Microsoft introduced an array of products and services designed for educational purposes, providing schools reliable technologies, solutions as well as education expertise so as to help every learner reach their potentials and to fast-track opportunities.

Office 365 Education, for instance, is a set of services making it possible for educators to collaborate, communicate, share resources and course work/schoolwork with fellow educators and students, assign work as well as provide students feedbacks. Moreover, Office 365 Education has a number of in-built features to facilitate effective distance learning. This tool is available to both educators and students at eligible learning institutions free of charge, so they can have access to MS Office applications and other classroom tools added in the suite.