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Do You Need Education To Become A House Painter?

The painter is a profession that does not see the presence of degree courses, exams to be taken or professional registers to enroll in. It turns out to be a job with manual origins, so it is learned exclusively in the field. But you will be surprised to learn that many of the professional painters are not just painters but are also engineers, contractors, and even teachers. Painters in Locol Lights have all kinds of painters who are humble enough to paint houses too.

How To Become A Painter?

This means that the first step is to start working as an apprentice, following an expert painter, who can teach all the rudiments of an ancient, complex profession made of a thousand secrets. It turns out to be the classic workshop apprenticeship, which today is disappearing, but which is still fundamental in this profession. The next step is to take what you have learned, open a VAT number and set up your own business, the majority of painters work like this.

Alternatively, you can look for work at construction companies. It all depends on the aspirations of a painter, working for a company, in fact, is an excellent opportunity to work immediately, without having to be known. On the other hand, working as a freelancer increases your earnings, and also your acquaintance. Finally, a highly experienced house painter can even manage his own team, acting as a supervisor. In that case, he will teach the trade to new aspiring painters, passing on his know-how.

How Much Does a Painter Earn

That of the painter is a profession that certainly does not make people rich. But this does not mean that it is not possible to earn decent amounts, especially since there is no shortage of work and will never fail. Unfortunately, as often happens for manual tasks, in Italy the painter does not earn high amounts and is not valued properly. If in countries like the USA a painter can earn up to 45,000 euros a year, in Italy the average remuneration for this professional does not exceed 16,000 euros, with a basic remuneration starting from 12,000 euros. This is of course an estimate made on the average of painters who work in construction companies, a freelancer, in fact, can earn much more. Even 2,500 euros per month, with an average of about 25 euros per hour.

To answer the question, do you need education to become a house painter? Much like anyone, a painter needs to at least finish basic education from primary to secondary school. This will teach them all the basics they will need to face life itself and eventually to become a professional painter.