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How Air Purifiers Can Protect Classrooms from COVID-19

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Parents, students, and educators alike are understandably trying to find every possible way to reduce the danger of COVID-19 transmission in classrooms, as the beginning of another year is rapidly closing in. Despite relatively low risks in younger populations and widespread vaccine protection, COVID-19 still poses a really real risk. The new delta variant compounds these risks, because of its ability to avoid vaccine-induced immunity in some cases.

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic are testing portable air purifiers and other air filtration devices in classroom-like settings as a possible countermeasure. The team’s findings offer promising evidence that air purifiers in classrooms could add an important extra layer of protection for college kids and teachers as reported by farewell America.

For their test, the researchers constructed a space laid out sort of a typical classroom. They placed a mannequin that is capable of “breathing” a colored aerosol fluid that may disperse through the center of the room. This allowed the researchers to roughly mimic the style within which aerosol droplets in human breath, the foremost transmission pathway of the virus that causes COVID-19, move within a closed space. The team could determine how effective the air purifiers were for limiting the likelihood of virus transmission within the classroom By measuring the number of fluids that were deposited at various points within the room.


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The test provided significant evidence for the utilization of air purifiers in classrooms. The research team found significant reductions within the spread of the aerosol using air purifiers positioned throughout the space. The air purifiers also reduced airborne particle concentrations by up to 5 times. This resulted in higher overall air quality. Provided that other research has shown a tentative link between air quality and test scores, this improvement in and of itself may be a strong argument for the utilization of portable air purifiers in schools.

it’s important to stay in mind that air purifiers are just one part of the puzzle when it involves protecting students and teachers from COVID-19 as the results of the research were certainly promising. Existing HVAC filtration systems, masking, and proper distancing all play a job keep classrooms safe. Investing in portable air purifiers for classrooms could also be an honest solution for schools looking to feature an additional layer of protection.

The best air purifiers are those with HEPA filters to use for COVID-19 protection. HEPA air purifiers can catch virus-sized particles within the air, making them an efficient protection measure. While UV germicidal lamps are useful, the necessity of fixing UV bulbs regularly could present technical or financial difficulties for schools.

Schools trying to find cost-effective and maintenance-free air purifiers may additionally want to seem into the units reviewed at 랭킹닷컴, which are likely to effectively reduce viral infections within the air.