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#LearnOnTikTok : An Initiative in Full Support of Educational Content

The evolution of social media doesn’t have to focus on purely commercial purposes, as shown by Gen Zs in the way they interact and create content at Tik Tok. Using the #LearnOnTikTok, the platform recognized that the pandemic had all the more fueled the youth’s need to communicate, to share information, to express ideas and to convey personal messages via social media platforms.

Education is first and foremost in the #LearnOnTikTok program. Yet knowing how Gen Zs behave, it’s important to give pointers to those who participated in the #LearnOnTikTok initiative.

Educational engagement content must be simple, practical, useful, brief and most of all, fun.

What Exactly is the #LearnOnTikTok Initiative

In line with the homeschooling of students amidst the stay-at-home-orders, the platform offered help in breaching the so-called learning gap faced by students as results of the school shutdowns and quarantining orders.

Through the hashtag LeanOnTikTok, around 800 participants came together, comprising popular household brands, educational institutions, and real-life professionals, to contribute learning materials and expertise at Tik Tok.

Actually, Tik Tok had pledged $250 million as fund in supporting the platform’s community of creative users, of which $50 million is for the #LearnOnTikTok program. The fund is an allotment for creators, especially educators, teachers and emerging professionals, dedicated to providing students with learning resources in the form of instructional videos, quick and easy how-to tutorials or video clips of fun facts for all levels of education.

Some Examples of the Educational Resources Created via the #LearnOnTikTok Program

Some examples of content created as educational resources via the #LearnOnTikTok , include the following:

1. Practical meditation techniques provided by Headspace, a mental wellness app.

2. Aquarium of the Pacific and about the critical endangerment of the giant sea bass.

3. Information shared by nonprofit organization It Gets Better, about mindfulness when engaging in topics about gender identity.

4. Short videos about Color and light by TV educator Bill Nye

5. Math tutorials by popular YouTuber turned NBC host Lily Singh

5. Cooking tips and techniques by world-famous chef amd philanthropist Jose Andres

6. Astrophisycist Neil de Grasse Tyson video clips sharing insights about skill sets to young people.

Although there’s a wide range of content that emerging talented Tik Tok creators can upload via the #LearnOnTikTok, it’s quite obvious that they have to compete with formidable personalities who have already gained massive followers in different social media platforms.

Although finding them and their content in Tik Tok will boost the platform’s number of registered users, vying for attention via the For You content can be overshadowed by these big name stars. Anyway, building by buying your own set of massive tiktok followers is a strategy that is worth considering.