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Relationship Of Science And High-Performance Sport

Scientists who deal with questions of sport are booming these days. Your influence is greater than ever. The advisory services provided by scientists in the national sports systems are considered to be increasingly important. Scientific services are increasingly in demand and in public opinion. Sporting achievements are increasingly attributed to the consulting services of scientists.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that certain scientific institutions are becoming increasingly important. This applies above all to central, national sports science institutions that are committed to providing direct advice to associations, teams and athletes. For different sports, teams and cricket tips worldwide, you can visit mega news website.

High-performance sport in its relationship to sports science

If you look more closely at high-performance sport in its relationship to sports science as an institution, you can see that this relationship is characterized by heterogeneous features. It makes hardly any difference whether one is talking about the relationship between high-performance sport and sports science.

If you deal with high-performance sport and its relationship to sports science, you address the question of how this relationship is presented these days. How it could be optimized in the future should there be problems in this mutual relationship. It is striking that sports science comes into play primarily in questionable forms of sports science technologies when it turns to top-class sport.

Sports science has an exclusively instrumental character. The knowledge it provides should make a direct contribution to improving performance. The fact that this type of one-dimensional partnership is rather unsatisfactory for both sides.

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Sports science and technology

If sports science action is reduced to that of a technology, then it is no longer the athlete alone who wins in sporting competition. It is always the athlete in connection with what is offered to him and applied successful technology. In cycling, not only the athlete is on the podium, but also the engineer who designed his bike. The tobogganist is not the only Olympic champion, the materials scientist who is responsible for the runners also deserves an honor. This not only puts the individual performance of the athlete into perspective unjustifiably.

Above all, this violates the foundations of high-performance sport, namely the principle of fair play. This is closely tied to the maxim of equal opportunities. Exactly this, however, has long since been thrown overboard. Technologists have been allowed to develop sports equipment on a secret scientific mission. So to speak, this is withheld from the competitors in order to decisively influence the outcome of the competitions in this way.