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Science | Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

Let’s be honest: many of us do not wake up when the alarm goes off, and the bed is not made every day. But there are reasons to reconsider your habits! A neatly made bed  such as wingback beds is the first step towards happiness, says science. Home aesthetics: one pillow, two pillows How many of us don’t want to see perfectly smooth sheets and fluffy pillows on our way home from work? They beckon to them and seem to say: “Hello, master! Lie down – rest! ” But in the morning, time is sorely lacking for anything. So is it worth wasting it on the dubious importance of “tinsel”? Psychologists, sociologists, scientists, and doctors insist: “Of course!” and provide a whole list of compelling arguments.


You can finally get some sleep

Scientific research conducted in 2010 by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) showed that people who make their bed every morning get better sleep than those who skip this “routine.” The study involved 1.5 thousand people. At the same time, 44% of supporters of a neatly made bed noted that they sleep well every or almost every night. Among the opposite camp, there were only 37% of them. And even if the difference is not very big – it’s worth a try! Maybe you too will have vivid colored dreams.

Every morning will be kind

There are people who cannot wake up without a cup of coffee. Simple physical activity will help improve their mood in the morning and tone the body. For example, while brewing a drink, you can make the bed. Simple actions activate blood circulation and relieve drowsiness, and then a cup of coffee will no longer be perceived just as “routine”, but as an encouragement for a small step forward.

You will earn more

This unexpected conclusion was reached by the American journalist of the New York Times, a graduate of the Harvard School of Economics, writer Charles Duhigg. In his best-selling book, The Power of Habit, he explains this by saying that a simple morning ritual is excellent for discipline, which extends to other areas as well. In support of his words, the author cites scientific works that prove: people making the bed are more often satisfied with their lives and usually earn better.

You will reduce the manifestations of stress

Many people feel “kind envy” for those who are always ready to open the door to guests, and the perfect order in his house looks great. But posts on social media show that such people are in the minority. But a bed made in the morning is already half the battle on the way to a tidied bedroom! In addition, polls show that if the bed is made, the “artistic mess” around it is easier to perceive. Less remorse – better mood, which means victory over stress! As psychologist Andrew Mellen says, “When you make your bed, you clean up your head.”

It will help cope with allergies

If you carry out simple calculations, it turns out that most of the time a working person spends at home in bed. Few people manage to be able to work without 6-8 hours of sleep a night! And if the bed is not made all day, more dust, pet hair, and other allergens will get on the bedding. So is it worth surprising the frequent manifestations of the disease?

You will feel happier

Sociologists conducted an interesting study involving 68 thousand people among users of the social network It turned out that 71% of respondents who do not forget to make their bed in the morning feel happy. Among the opponents of “unnecessary body movements”, only 62% of them. But the most surprising thing is that according to the same study, proponents of a made bed are more likely to have their own home, good jobs, and do fitness as opposed to bed sloths – who rent housing, complain about low-wage work, and shy away from physical activity.

You will have time for real life

Sexologists and somnologists are unanimous on one thing: the bed should only be used for sleep or intimate pastime. But many people disregard this recommendation, using the sleeping place to sort things out or “hanging” on gadgets in social networks. A neurologist at Northwestern University, Illinois, USA – Kelly Baron says a made bed is less conducive to watching TV or playing games online, leaving time for more constructive action. Anyone who makes the bed in the morning opens the door to the real world, where there are so many interesting, important and unexplored things.