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Scientific Research about Video Games like RAID: Shadow Legends

Scientists gathered enough data to study how simply reading RAID: Shadow Legends Guide and playing this video game and other titles are shaping people’s behavior and brains. At the time of this writing, research showed that by reading guides and playing the actual video game is capable of changing regions in the brain that is in charge for visuospatial skills and attention. In the process, it makes it more efficient as well.

Are You into Video Games?

There are millions of people worldwide who love playing video games. As a matter of fact, this becomes common leisure and at times, a job that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Back in 2016, it was found out that the average age of people playing video games is 35 years old. With the ever-changing technology, it means that there are also more people who become exposed and hooked to video games.

There are lots of dedicated gamers who are playing on their gaming consoles or desktop computers. However, there’s a new breed of gamers who are playing on their tablets and smartphones too.

Video Games are Entertaining, what about its Effect on Behavior and Brain?

Alright, so we have now established the fact that video games are common means to be entertained. But the real question is, does it have an impact on a person’s behavior and brain activities?

Well throughout the years, the media made countless sensationalist claims regarding video games and its effect on happiness and health. In fact, there has been evidence showing video games can boost the efficiency and size of the brain regions that are related to visuospatial skills. To give you an example, there’s an increased size in the right hippocampus both in volunteers of a video game training program as well as long-term gamers.

Games shouldn’t be Abused

If played without control, video games can be addictive and this type of addiction is referred to as Internet Gaming Disorder. Researchers discovered structural and functional changes in neural reward system among gaming addicts. Truth is, the neural changes are comparable to those who are experiencing other addictive disorders.