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Scottsdale Car Dealearship Sponsors Education In Crisis Areas


Education means the future. In difficult life situations, education creates hope for a better life for the younger generation. Learning spaces also offer stability, create a routine, and, very importantly, protect children from abuse and exploitation. Educational qualifications provide the urgently needed perspectives for young people and adults. They give rise to employment opportunities and entrepreneurship, the key to overcoming hunger and poverty.


Millions of children are out of school for years

About 75 million children in critical or conflict areas are currently out of school. Their education is often interrupted for years. This dramatic number continues to grow as a result of the ongoing global crisis and conflict. This has revealed the urgent need for excellent and wide-ranging educational opportunities. It is becoming increasingly important to see and plan for this as a fundamental part of humanitarian emergency assistance, as well as providing food, shelter, water, sanitation, and transportation to people.

Private institutions if necessary, cover the running costs of school management or psychosocial care. Temporary learning centers, so-called summer schools/holiday camps, and meeting centers were set up in Syria and Iraq. Cooperation and division of labor with local stakeholders, other non-governmental organizations specializing in basic education, and (super) government officials is very important to provide for children in times of crisis.

Meanwhile, institutions took initiative to contribute to expanding education in crisis areas. These institutions are mostly private companies from the United States and European countries. A Scottsdale Car Dealership is among the contributors that have contributed handsomely to this cause.  You can check out more about Scottsdale Dealership and see inventory here.


Education of Children in Crisis and Conflict Needs More Focus

– Development of policies needs to be coherent in its commitment to education. Interim aid; links humanitarian aid with development cooperation.
– More ambitions in funding! Contributions from various private and government institutions show economic strength. Education as a cross-cutting mission of development cooperation should not be ignored in the process of accountability.
– The federal government should play an active role in shaping “education cannot wait for the money.” The purpose of this fund is to provide safe, free, and qualified education to all children and adolescents affected by the crisis by 2030.

The relationship between humanitarian aid and transitional aid

Despite all the issues identified in the survey clarifying the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Are increasingly aware of the importance of education. We call for clarification of the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development is solely responsible for educational measures for children in crisis and conflict areas, then help will be too late. Those who have influenced themselves (both children and adults) want to get involved early on.