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TikTok Was Made Medium For Inspiration By Technopolis



Technopolis now also posts inspiring videos on TikTok, especially for teachers. Through the brand new channel, Technopolis_Academy Technopolis initially treats teachers to fascinating experiments and soon also to hacks, fun facts, and bite-sized tutorials. In this way, Technopolis wants to inspire even more teachers online to work with STEM in the classroom in a creative way and thus grab the attention of their students.


Since the outbreak of the corona crisis and the temporary ban on school trips, Technopolis has made every effort to reach as many teachers as possible digitally. Technopolis has been very active on TikTok since the end of 2019 and is reaping a lot of success there, especially among young people. Organizations can also click here to learn how to leverage TikTok.


Especially for teachers

Teachers who are looking for inspiration to amaze their students with science have been able to turn to Technopolis for some time. In recent years, Technopolis has been offering all kinds of practical tips not only in the activity center but increasingly also online via the Facebook page ‘Technopolis for teachers’ to get creative with STEM in the classroom and to encourage young people to study STEM.


Since the outbreak of the corona crisis and the temporary ban on school trips, Technopolis has been focusing even more on its digital offer. Given the great success of Technopolis on TikTok among young people, it was decided to launch a separate TikTok channel for teachers under the name Technopolis_Academy. On the channel, teachers are already finding some videos of amazing experiments. Every week something new appears, including soon hacks, fun facts, and bite-sized tutorials.


Technopolis is responding to an important trend with its TikTok channel, especially for teachers. After all, TikTok sees itself growing into an important platform for educational material in the next year and a half. Moreover, according to a recent article, teachers are already increasingly giving their students assignments via TikTok or posting videos for their students themselves. The platform is therefore located right in the world of their students.



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While many companies and organizations have yet to discover TikTok, Technopolis was already active on the platform at the end of 2019. With short videos of eye-catching experiments, interesting facts, quick quizzes, and challenges, Technopolis has managed to gain more than 37,000 followers in just over a year. That Technopolis’ digital offering on TikTok is popular is evidenced by its positive interaction rate of 9.92%, which is almost twice as high as the global average of 5% on TikTok, according to a study by the Influencer Marketing Hub.


With this ratio, Technopolis also scores higher than on all other social media where it is active. In concrete terms, this means that Technopolis’ posts on TikTok were liked, shared, or commented on more than 1,300,000 times last year. In total, the posts were seen more than 13 million times. That makes Technopolis an important brand on TikTok.


A rapidly growing digital offer

In order to reach teachers digitally, Technopolis pulled out all the stops last year by launching a number of brand new video series on the Facebook page ‘Technopolis for teachers’. In bottom M boven (in particular.m. VAN IN) teachers receive practical tips from STEM teachers. In other series, young scientists show children and young people in school how they can change the world with STEM education and job (LabKlap, STEMhelden).


Through HomeLab and Science@s’cool, teachers are shown educational videos of experiments at regular intervals. At the beginning of February, Technopolis launched Weekly Question, a 12-part series in which scientists answer pressing questions from young people. In collaboration with the business and education world, new formats are still planned.