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Understanding the Science of Storing Malaysian Wardrobes in Melamine Cabinets

Melamine cabinets are durable, economical and easy to maintain. As a result they have become popular for wardrobe Malaysia as well as Singapore. Combined with resin and paper, melamine can be compressed as hard wood or stone under high heat and pressure. Heat, scratches and even stains are no problem for this material which is great in wardrobes.

There is a physical explanation behind putting Malaysian wardrobe into melamine cabinets. Melamine is a thermosetting plastic though, so it becomes permanently hard and rigid when cured under heat and pressure. It is ideal for furniture and as home essentials, because it can bear the weight of heavy items without bending or warping.

When planning for construction of a wardrobe melamine cabinet, size and weight of the items to be stored should both be borne in mind. Items used most often should be placed at eye level, with those less likely to require canning stored lower. Moreover, shelves should be at least 30cm in width and 35 cm deep to accommodate folded clothes.

By observing these principles, homeowners make sure that their wardrobe is practical as well as aesthetic.

The Basics of Melamine in Garment Making

Properties of Melamine

Melamine resin mixed with formaldehyde is pressed onto a particleboard substrate to form it.

Durable, heat-resistant and not easily scratched or stained are some of melamine’s renowned characteristics. It is also moisture-resistant, making it suitable for use in humid environments like bathrooms.

Benefits of Melamine for Wardrobes

When used in wardrobes, melamine has the following advantages. It is a low-priced material, and thus very popular with people who are tight on cash. Secondly, it comes in many colors and finishes.

Customization is very high here too. Third, it is very convenient to wash and keep clean. It is easily suitable for the use in high-use environments such as bedrooms or closets.

Malaysian Wardrobe Design Considerations

For a Malaysian wardrobe of melamine, these are the things to keep in mind:

First, you have to select a melamine that goes with the design of the wardrobe. Second, the wardrobe should not only be well organized and user-friendly, but also attractive in design. Third, the wardrobe should be made to last. Particular attention must go into using fine materials and reputable construction techniques.


In sum, melamine makes a wardrobe popular because it is strong, cheap and easy to maintain. Designing a melamine cabinet for Malaysian wardrobes requires thinking not only about the characteristics of the material, but also of those special design considerations peculiar to Malaysia.