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Why Science Education is so Important?

Today, everyone is talking about science education. Other global organizations have made it one of their priorities, and various initiatives are being launched in different countries to make science accessible to everyone. However, why is there so much emphasis on science education? What does science education give us? Why is it so important for our future? In this article we’ll answer these questions and analyze the benefits of science education.

Explore the World of Science

Scientists are people who investigate the world around them to understand the phenomena that occur naturally. They try to find the underlying principles that govern these phenomena and use them to create new technologies and products. Scientists are explorers. They are curious about the world and try to discover new things.

They observe the world, ask questions, and try to find answers. They observe the stars, planets, animals, plants, diseases, minerals, etc. and their behavior. They ask questions like:

  • “What makes the sky blue?”

  • “How are tides formed?”
  • “Why do we have seasons?”
  • “Why do we see stars only during the night?”
  • “How does water come out of a tap?”
  • “What is this strange thing called ‘electricity’?”
  • “What causes diseases?”

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Science education teaches you how to think critically. It equips you with the tools and techniques to study a phenomenon and arrive at your own conclusion. It encourages you to question everything and not to accept things as they are. 

Biologists study the evolution of life on the planet, geologists study the earth’s layers, physicists study the basic laws of nature, and astronomers study the galaxies.

Science is not just about reading books and studying in the lab.

Promote Innovation and Creativity

Science is about creating new things. It’s about exploring the unknown and finding ways to make our lives better. Scientists make discoveries and use them to create new technologies such as computers, mobile phones, medicines, vaccines, fertilizers, electricity, aircraft, better manufacturing on aesthetic outfits and so on.

Scientists don’t create things for the sake of it. They create them to solve problems and make our lives easier. When the polio vaccine was discovered, researchers didn’t create it with the intention of getting a Nobel prize. They created it to eradicate polio and make our children healthy.