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Why should You Put a Paywall in a Pay-to-Learn Science Class?

Let’s just get this out of the way: a paywall is not an e-commerce subscription or an ‘in app’ purchase. A paywall is a digital access control system, a software that allows you to charge users for accessing content.

Benefits of Putting a Paywall in Pay-to-Learn Classes

It may seem counterintuitive to charge your learners for access to learning material—after all, aren’t these users willing to exchange their money for your knowledge? Why would they balk at giving you cash in exchange for reading your articles and watching your videos? But as we all know, teenagers are fickle because they have short attention spans.

That said, there are good reasons why educational institutions—and you—might want to incorporate a paywall into your science class.

It Gives You the Opportunity to Personalize Content

Part of the reason people often balk at paying for learning materials is that they don’t feel like they’re getting anything personalized to them. They’re just reading an article or watching a video that’s meant for anyone and everyone.

A paywall gives you the opportunity to make your content more personalized to your learners. You can adapt your articles based on the knowledge level of the reader, giving them the most appropriate information based on their needs and abilities.

It Helps You Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Let’s say you’re offering a science class that you plan to charge for. You’re not sure what you should charge, though, so you ask your audience what they think would be a fair price.

You may (or may not) end up with some useful information from this, but you’ll also end up with some random, unhelpful data. That’s because you can’t control for all the variables that might affect your learners’ opinions about pricing.

A paywall gives you the opportunity to collect data about your learners’ needs and desires, which can help you better understand how much to charge. For example, one student wants to learn about interesting things like can propane freeze, then you can personalize your lesson with them and teach more than that to make your lesson and their pay worth it.