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The concept of enhancing plant genetics isn’t an entirely new idea. Scientists and farmers used plant selection as well as breeding techniques in boosting crop yield for […]

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Solar energy is acquired from the radiation emitted by the sun and it could be converted either to heat or electricity. It’s available for free and thanks […]

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There are vaccines that do include most of the vaccines against influenza are actually cultured in chicken eggs. Throughout the entire process, a big portion of the […]

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If you are seeking to improve farming productivity and boost profits at the same time, then you have to know where you should start. As a matter […]

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Aside from the scientific breakthroughs, there are plenty of advantages to learning science similar to gathering information, improving our curiosity, organizing and testing hypothesis, developing problem solving […]

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Journals Data JList Scientia Agriculturae 2015 Volume 11 Issue 1 5

A vaccine work by priming the immune system against virus attacks. There are some other vaccines that can work against both bacterial and viral pathogens or even […]


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Engineers are designing plants via genetically modified organisms or simply known as GMOs. These GMO foods are suspected to be more nutritious, taste better and tougher as […]


How Flooding is Caused by Climate Change

Flooded homes


So far, research on the effects of climate change on floods has mostly investigated how climate change affects water runoff and the extent of floods. A new study addresses the temporal component for the first time in a Europe-wide study.

Globally, more people are threatened by floods than by any other natural hazard. In Austria, too, we are aware of the devastating damage that a flood disaster can cause. These events require homeowners to hire water damage restoration services like the Temecula water damage restoration to get back to their homes. However, rivers do not stop at national borders and can sometimes flood large catchment areas across borders. Since floods can endanger many people, there are many efforts at the national and EU levels to protect the population from flooding. This is the primary objective of the EU Floods Directive 2007/60/EC. It stipulates that each EU member state must draw up and regularly update flood hazard and flood risk maps as well as flood management plans with protection and precautionary measures. This ensures that the negative impacts of floods on people, the environment, and the economy are minimized.

Many studies examine the increase in floods due to climate change

Since many major flood disasters have occurred in recent years and decades, the cause is often sought. Climate change is often used in this context. Many are wondering: Does climate change increase the likelihood of flood disasters?

Reliable statements are lacking, as there are hardly any long-term records of floods. In addition, many aspects influence whether and when floods occur: precipitation, snow, and soil moisture are decisive factors. These influencing variables overlap with human activities in watersheds, such as land use or river regulation. These additionally influence the occurrence of floods. Conclusions about more frequent or stronger flood events due to climate change are difficult to derive due to the complex relationships and therefore cannot be proven or disproved with certainty.

New approach: taking into account the timing of floods

An international research team led by Günter Blöschl, Professor of Engineering Hydrology, and Julia Hall from the Vienna University of Technology pursued a different approach. They did not investigate whether climate change affects the frequency and extent of floods, but how closely floods are linked to weather-related processes. “Analyzing the timing of the floods provides information about the direct influence of the climate,” says study author Hall.

Major international project

Previous studies examined the temporal shift of floods at the regional level. For the first time, Blöschl and his team evaluated the timing of flood events for the whole of Europe. The research team collected and analyzed over 4,000 data sets from measuring stations on rivers on soil moisture and the amount of snow. Data from 38 European countries between 1960 and 2010 were included in the study.


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Result: Surprisingly clear climate signal

Previous studies have found a temporal shift at the regional level due to earlier snowmelt. The result of the new study shows a clear pattern of a temporal shift of floods for the whole of Europe. The authors expected that, similar to the small-scale studies, there would be temporal shifts due to global warming in Europe. “What is surprising is that the large-scale relationships are visible at the European level,” says Hall.

Where do which changes occur?

The observed temporal shifts are clearly related to changes in the climate system: For example, earlier snowmelt due to higher temperatures in Scandinavia and the Baltic states in northeastern Europe leads to earlier floods in spring.

In the countries around the North Sea, on the other hand, floods occur later in winter due to later winter storms with heavy rainfall, which is probably influenced by changes in air pressure conditions over the Atlantic and the warming of the polar region.

In the western regions influenced by the Atlantic, from England to Portugal, the so-called maximum soil moisture is of greater relevance for flooding than extreme precipitation. In these regions, floods occur mainly in winter, when the soil is saturated and can no longer absorb water after long periods of rainfall. The examined time series showed a shift of the winter floods by about four to eight days forward.

On the northern Adriatic coast, floods occur later due to climate change. The reason for this is the large-scale influence of the Atlantic on the cyclones in the Mediterranean, which bring heavy rainfall with them. Changes in the Atlantic cause altered trajectories of the storms. As a result, the storms and thus also the floods in the Mediterranean occur later in winter.

Effects of the time shift

Over centuries, regions have adapted to the regular occurrence of floods. A further time lag on the environment and the economy will have certain effects. For example, if winter floods occur later, the drainage of the soil is delayed, making agricultural cultivation more difficult due to increased erosion and soil compaction. Furthermore, the water supply and the possibility of irrigation are affected if the spring flood occurs earlier than usual and water reservoirs can no longer be sufficiently replenished later.

The Science Behind Your Dog And His Behavior

Canine science is increasing. More scientists devote their resources and time to understanding the insides of your best furry friends that have bonded so closely with humans. From canine biology to canine psychology, you know more than ever about your four-legged friends and their behavior.

What do dogs say when they bark?

Although dogs bark for a variety of reasons, biologists used to think that their barking didn’t alter depending on the message. More recently, however, research into canine biology has found that dogs’ vocal cords are elastic. This gives them the ability to slightly alter the sound of their bark to convey different meanings. This is according to Scientific American.

Spectrographic recordings of dog barks have presented differences in amplitude, timing, and pitch that differ with context. The fact is that it’s yet unclear to scientists what these different growls and barks mean. Experiments have revealed that dogs respond differently to vocalizations of other dogs depending on the context. Other experiments have shown that dogs and humans are more likely to respond to “stranger bark” of a dog compared to other types of barking.


Why are there so many different types of dogs and what kind of dog breeds are there?

Dogs are one of the most diverse species on the planet. For all their diversity in color, shape, size, and temperament, scientists believe dogs were genetically derived from wolves around 27,000 years ago. You can thank the dominant genes in hunter-gatherer animals that manipulated their expression in subsequent canine generations.

What kind of dog breeds are there? Although this practice has been around for nearly as long as canines have been domesticated, breeding of selective dog exploded in the 1800s. It is when people began breeding different breeds for novelty and aesthetic reasons. As this practice continues to this day, the number of dog breeds and variety of species continues to increase.

Dogs are undoubtedly special, and so is the bond you share with them. As canine science continues to grow, you’re learning more and more about your favorite furry companions. But there’s one thing you don’t need to let science tell you. Science doesn’t have to tell how amazing your dogs are, every single one of them.

Benefits of Coaching to Improve Performance

Performance coaches are not doctors but need to understand the human mind deeply. Performance coaching requires a particular skill set and mindset. The most important one is to understand people’s minds. How do they do it? 

They listen to understand.

Coaches do more than actively listen to glean essential perspectives such as facts, feelings, and values. These elements help coaches better understand the leader’s perspective and unique context.

They ask powerful questions.

Coaches must ask powerful questions to help their coach move forward and draw new insights.

They encourage coachees. 

A shift in perspective is key. Coaching must be focused on encouraging leaders to try something new but to do this, the person being coached needs to feel supported and at ease. Establish next steps and responsibilities – The real work happens between performance coaching and interviews. Leaders must make a clear plan for applying insights and when to deploy new tactics.

They boost a coachee’s awareness.

Coaching is about you and your workplace. Gain insight into yourself as a company leader. Coaches help others understand why they think and act the way they do. Learn from the actions you can take to help your team and its members or lead them in a better direction for your business.

They help coachees improve communication.

Your coach will work with you to find ways to communicate better what’s important to you, your company, and your employees. 

Once you experience the value of coaching for improving your development performance, your team will be better prepared to identify and take advantage of coaching and more learning opportunities. This ability is a critical factor that separates good leaders from great leaders.

Coaching is a process that the performance coach utilizes to help their coachee find a solution to their problems. They need to understand their coachee’s values, behaviors, and issues to provide the necessary support.

Performance coaches need to understand their coachee’s personality and what will motivate them if they want to perform better. They also need an understanding of the individual’s behavior, environment, and self-image.

How to Use Social Media in Science and Research to Engage Audiences

The digital world is rapidly changing the way industries operate. New technologies are developed daily, but how does this affect the scientific community?

Scientific institutions publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals worldwide, but what about other ways of communicating research? Blogs, tweets, and videos have all been used by scientists to share their discoveries with audiences worldwide. 

One might argue that social media can promote scientific research and even lead to more visibility for science research. This is helpful for audiences interested in following science in general or a specific area of study.

Social media is the future of communication. Scientists need to communicate their findings to a broad audience. They can use social media networks and channels to get their message out.

Social media can spread the word about scientific breakthroughs. 

How Can Social Media Help Scientists Promote Their Research? 

Science and research have always been collaborative efforts. New findings are published in scholarly journals, shared on social media, or posted on websites.


Blogs are great platforms for science educators to share their knowledge, experience, and skills. Blogs offer insights into the science of your subject area—microbiology or physics—and they help you see your work from others’ insights if seen worldwide.

Digital Advertising

Social media is also helping scientists promote their courses through free resources and events and digital advertising like Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. To reach more audience and have wider visibility, they can use Instagram smm panel.

Public Online Research

Another way is to publish research online. This means they’re not just writing papers but also sharing their work on other websites like Academia, ResearchGate, or a combination of both. And finally, scientists can use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to share their papers with people who may not have otherwise come across them.

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in science and research. It’s often seen as a way to stay relevant and connect with audiences.

As information is increasingly becoming public, more and more people are getting access to it. This means that the number of people interested in science will increase.

Since social media has an increasing number of users, it’s a perfect place for scientists to interact with these users about their research and capture millions of people’s interest.

Relationship Of Science And High-Performance Sport

Scientists who deal with questions of sport are booming these days. Your influence is greater than ever. The advisory services provided by scientists in the national sports systems are considered to be increasingly important. Scientific services are increasingly in demand and in public opinion. Sporting achievements are increasingly attributed to the consulting services of scientists.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that certain scientific institutions are becoming increasingly important. This applies above all to central, national sports science institutions that are committed to providing direct advice to associations, teams and athletes. For different sports, teams and cricket tips worldwide, you can visit mega news website.

High-performance sport in its relationship to sports science

If you look more closely at high-performance sport in its relationship to sports science as an institution, you can see that this relationship is characterized by heterogeneous features. It makes hardly any difference whether one is talking about the relationship between high-performance sport and sports science.

If you deal with high-performance sport and its relationship to sports science, you address the question of how this relationship is presented these days. How it could be optimized in the future should there be problems in this mutual relationship. It is striking that sports science comes into play primarily in questionable forms of sports science technologies when it turns to top-class sport.

Sports science has an exclusively instrumental character. The knowledge it provides should make a direct contribution to improving performance. The fact that this type of one-dimensional partnership is rather unsatisfactory for both sides.

cricket tips

Sports science and technology

If sports science action is reduced to that of a technology, then it is no longer the athlete alone who wins in sporting competition. It is always the athlete in connection with what is offered to him and applied successful technology. In cycling, not only the athlete is on the podium, but also the engineer who designed his bike. The tobogganist is not the only Olympic champion, the materials scientist who is responsible for the runners also deserves an honor. This not only puts the individual performance of the athlete into perspective unjustifiably.

Above all, this violates the foundations of high-performance sport, namely the principle of fair play. This is closely tied to the maxim of equal opportunities. Exactly this, however, has long since been thrown overboard. Technologists have been allowed to develop sports equipment on a secret scientific mission. So to speak, this is withheld from the competitors in order to decisively influence the outcome of the competitions in this way.

Why should You Put a Paywall in a Pay-to-Learn Science Class?

Let’s just get this out of the way: a paywall is not an e-commerce subscription or an ‘in app’ purchase. A paywall is a digital access control system, a software that allows you to charge users for accessing content.

Benefits of Putting a Paywall in Pay-to-Learn Classes

It may seem counterintuitive to charge your learners for access to learning material—after all, aren’t these users willing to exchange their money for your knowledge? Why would they balk at giving you cash in exchange for reading your articles and watching your videos? But as we all know, teenagers are fickle because they have short attention spans.

That said, there are good reasons why educational institutions—and you—might want to incorporate a paywall into your science class.

It Gives You the Opportunity to Personalize Content

Part of the reason people often balk at paying for learning materials is that they don’t feel like they’re getting anything personalized to them. They’re just reading an article or watching a video that’s meant for anyone and everyone.

A paywall gives you the opportunity to make your content more personalized to your learners. You can adapt your articles based on the knowledge level of the reader, giving them the most appropriate information based on their needs and abilities.

It Helps You Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Let’s say you’re offering a science class that you plan to charge for. You’re not sure what you should charge, though, so you ask your audience what they think would be a fair price.

You may (or may not) end up with some useful information from this, but you’ll also end up with some random, unhelpful data. That’s because you can’t control for all the variables that might affect your learners’ opinions about pricing.

A paywall gives you the opportunity to collect data about your learners’ needs and desires, which can help you better understand how much to charge. For example, one student wants to learn about interesting things like can propane freeze, then you can personalize your lesson with them and teach more than that to make your lesson and their pay worth it.

When Is Econometrics Useful In Business?

Econometrics is about using statistical means that use quantitative data to improve theories or test existing hypotheses in economics or finance. Econometrics is based on techniques such as null hypothesis testing and regression models. You can also use econometrics to try to predict future economic or financial trends.

What is the utility of econometrics?

Econometrics permits economists to translate economic concepts into quantifiable metrics. Furthermore, econometrics is critical for setting trends between data sets. Economists can also predict future economic or financial trends based on these trends. It also aids them to get a specific model or result from crowded data.

Where can econometrics be used?

Economists apply econometric tools in a variety of specific fields to enlighten theoretical questions. In addition, they use these tools to make public policy debates known, forecast future events and make business decisions.

How beneficial is econometrics to researchers?

Econometrics provides estimation and testing methods that allow a researcher to demonstrate almost anything and make any model look good.

Is econometrics useful for data science?

Of course, data scientists work in various fields. And if you are interested in machine learning or statistical analysis, you can use econometrics so that you can better interpret the results and reasoning. Thus, getting your hands filthy in econometrics can be a plus for any person who likes to get into data science.

Where does econometrics fit into economics?

Econometrics deals with the extent of economic relations. It is a combination of economics, statistics, and mathematical economics in order to deliver numerical values ​​to the parameters of economic relations.


Do businesses use econometrics?

Yes, there are uses of econometrics for the company’s internal data. One that may be common is to assess the impact of an intervention (e.g., advertising) by the company to affect certain values ​​(e.g., sales). This could be more evident in an e-commerce setting. On the other hand, businesses who want to create advertising tools can check the templates library on Supportivekoala. The templates can allow you to autogenerate images perfect for any event.

Why is econometrics important in business?

Econometric models are powerful tools that can drive the business forward. It helps business owners make smarter decisions, optimize costs, and better understand consumer requirements.

The Science Behind Football

Soccer Players

Already completely boosted for the World Cup? For those who do not have enough of all competitions, previews, and afterthoughts, The web compiled an extensive dossier about the science behind The Netherlands’ most popular sport. About grandstand language, Orange madness, new balls, fans dropping the coach or demolishing the stands, and of course the dreaded penalty kick.

Scare off! Sorry? If you have trouble with football language, you can check out his goals to learn more, with all kinds of examples of football language. Handy, because football jargon also pops up outside the sport, when we speak, for example, of ministers who play on possession but miss opportunities for open goals. Those who are not careful can let themselves be fooled by football language. If the commentator sometimes talks about a dirty violation, another time it can be quite a useful intervention. Such commentary largely determines how bad television viewers think a violation is. Not that the commentators have to use neutral language but actions that we actually condemn are secretly the most fun to watch.

Sociology of the supporter

Football is an important phenomenon in our culture, and the European Championship or World Cup is a moment when our entire country is turned upside down. But what is it more than a fascination for the sport itself? When winning matches, the whole of the Netherlands stands as one Orange mass behind ‘our boys’, not for nothing a term that is also used for soldiers: the Orange madness is according to one nothing but catch-up nationalism and according to others almost a new kind of religion.

Psychology of the turf

As Dutchmen, we are harder for the national coach than for an unsuccessful general. After two lost games or even due to a wrong change, the national coach has to pack all his bags. According to the psychology of CORFing and BIRGing, changeable supporters are quite normal. Everyone wants to identify with a winner, but no one wants to identify with a loser. In the article about the psychology of supporters, this is fully explained and in ‘World Cup Hooligans’ we tell about the norms and values of the unhinged stand.

During matches of the Dutch national team, emotions will probably run high. This emotional excitement makes the commercials less well remembered at rest. Moreover, if the Netherlands stands in front, the advertisements are poorly appreciated. From a psychological point of view, advertising at halftime is not such a good idea.

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Chance of winning

Will it be win or lose? No one can say for sure how far the Orange team will get in the tournament, but sports economist Ruud Koning took a chance during the 2006 World Cup. With a statistical model of the teams and matches, he tried to map out the chances of the Orange. During the 2006 World Cup, Koning continuously improved his prediction by incorporating the latest results. Read more in the article about King’s opportunity model.

But football is more than comparing the statistical power of teams. Very simple things like the points system for lost, won, and drawn matches, or when a country has to play against which opponents have an enormous influence on who passes and who loses. A bit of game theory, a bit of decision theory, a bit of football: in ‘May the best win’ we tell how the tournament format helps determine the world champion. And finally, let’s not forget the weather: what influence does the South African climate have on the performance of our Dutch boys?

In the end, it is the players who decide orange’s future: everything revolves around ball control and outsmarting the opponent. From the psychological tricks that theoretically allow unsustainable penalties to fly over without a chance to the effect of balls curling around opponents, every second of the match is full of science. Theoretical physicist and football geek Ken Bray wrote the book ‘The art of scoring’. On Kennislink a small look into Bray’s kitchen, but also articles about the secret of the throw-in and the unstoppable penalty kick.

The ball is round

To stay in football terms: the ball is round, rounder than ever. Adidas and Bayer presented the new World Cup ball in 2006, not made up of 32 pentagons and hexagons but of 14 propeller-shaped strips that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The goal of the new construction: a ball with as few deviations as possible from the perfectly round shape. In the article World Cup ball rounder than ever everything about the new ball.

Just like a tennis ball, the new World Cup ball is made up of ‘propeller strips’ that reduce the number of seams compared to the classic ball with pentagons and hexagons.

During the break, you will of course peek at Kennislink for even more science behind football. At the very least, this provides useful facts to spice up the commentary from the couch. Happy World Cup!

How Does Your Website Rank On Search Engines – Practice Rank Check

Almost everyone connects to the World Wide Web through the Internet for various reasons. Because of this, it is ever more important and essential especially for businesses and anyone who has products and/or services to offer to have a digital or online presence, regardless of their trade, industry they belong to and their niche.

Among the best ways to have and build an online presence is to have your own website and pages/profiles on selected social media platforms. However, creating a website and social media profiles aren’t enough for you to have an online presence. The goal is for your website and pages to be visible to your target audience. Otherwise, what’s the point of having them if they are hidden or unsearchable in the Web?

How Is Your Online Presence – Do Rank Check

When running a website, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is crucial and necessary to ensure the visibility of your website and webpages on search engines. To know how your website is performing on search engines, doing a rank check can be very beneficial.

What is rank check? Otherwise called rank tracking, it is the practice and process of checking or tracking the rank of a URL (address of a particular resource (a.k.a. website) on the Web) on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for chosen keywords. Over a period of time, the URLs are monitored so as to identify trends as well as to check the bearing of search engine optimization.

Rank check or rank tracking is a vital tool particularly for an SEO tied to the organic traffic of a website. By determining the rank of a website as well as how its ranking have progressed (or regressed) over time, this can significantly help you understand which SEO strategies can be utilized to better not only the ranking of your website, but also your organic traffic.

There are a number of reliable rank tracking software providers to select from. For instance, AccuRanker provides the right tools and a powerful system in order for users to get a comprehensive data on the analytics of their website and keywords fast, accurate and up-to-date.

Your Website On Search Engines

In this day and age, more and more people count on search engines, Google being the most popular and most used, to find and get the information they need, whether it is finding the best schools and universities in their locality, searching for easy to prepare and cook recipes, seeking for local or overseas employment, knowing what’s new in the world of science, or shopping for a particular product or service in the market.

When users look for a particular information on the Web, they type in on a search engine specific words, terms or phrases, known in SEO as keywords. This is for the search engine to display on its result pages only the websites/webpages, which are ranked, its algorithm deems related, relevant and credible to the query of the user. The higher the rank of the website, the more the website is recognized by the search engine as relevant to the search.

Most of the time, when users get the result of their search, they only click on the websites found on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is the kind of online presence and visibility that you want your website and webpages to have on search engines. This makes a rank check an important and valuable practice to carry out.

TikTok Was Made Medium For Inspiration By Technopolis



Technopolis now also posts inspiring videos on TikTok, especially for teachers. Through the brand new channel, Technopolis_Academy Technopolis initially treats teachers to fascinating experiments and soon also to hacks, fun facts, and bite-sized tutorials. In this way, Technopolis wants to inspire even more teachers online to work with STEM in the classroom in a creative way and thus grab the attention of their students.


Since the outbreak of the corona crisis and the temporary ban on school trips, Technopolis has made every effort to reach as many teachers as possible digitally. Technopolis has been very active on TikTok since the end of 2019 and is reaping a lot of success there, especially among young people. Organizations can also click here to learn how to leverage TikTok.


Especially for teachers

Teachers who are looking for inspiration to amaze their students with science have been able to turn to Technopolis for some time. In recent years, Technopolis has been offering all kinds of practical tips not only in the activity center but increasingly also online via the Facebook page ‘Technopolis for teachers’ to get creative with STEM in the classroom and to encourage young people to study STEM.


Since the outbreak of the corona crisis and the temporary ban on school trips, Technopolis has been focusing even more on its digital offer. Given the great success of Technopolis on TikTok among young people, it was decided to launch a separate TikTok channel for teachers under the name Technopolis_Academy. On the channel, teachers are already finding some videos of amazing experiments. Every week something new appears, including soon hacks, fun facts, and bite-sized tutorials.


Technopolis is responding to an important trend with its TikTok channel, especially for teachers. After all, TikTok sees itself growing into an important platform for educational material in the next year and a half. Moreover, according to a recent article, teachers are already increasingly giving their students assignments via TikTok or posting videos for their students themselves. The platform is therefore located right in the world of their students.



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While many companies and organizations have yet to discover TikTok, Technopolis was already active on the platform at the end of 2019. With short videos of eye-catching experiments, interesting facts, quick quizzes, and challenges, Technopolis has managed to gain more than 37,000 followers in just over a year. That Technopolis’ digital offering on TikTok is popular is evidenced by its positive interaction rate of 9.92%, which is almost twice as high as the global average of 5% on TikTok, according to a study by the Influencer Marketing Hub.


With this ratio, Technopolis also scores higher than on all other social media where it is active. In concrete terms, this means that Technopolis’ posts on TikTok were liked, shared, or commented on more than 1,300,000 times last year. In total, the posts were seen more than 13 million times. That makes Technopolis an important brand on TikTok.


A rapidly growing digital offer

In order to reach teachers digitally, Technopolis pulled out all the stops last year by launching a number of brand new video series on the Facebook page ‘Technopolis for teachers’. In bottom M boven (in particular.m. VAN IN) teachers receive practical tips from STEM teachers. In other series, young scientists show children and young people in school how they can change the world with STEM education and job (LabKlap, STEMhelden).


Through HomeLab and Science@s’cool, teachers are shown educational videos of experiments at regular intervals. At the beginning of February, Technopolis launched Weekly Question, a 12-part series in which scientists answer pressing questions from young people. In collaboration with the business and education world, new formats are still planned.


Why Science Education is so Important?

Today, everyone is talking about science education. Other global organizations have made it one of their priorities, and various initiatives are being launched in different countries to make science accessible to everyone. However, why is there so much emphasis on science education? What does science education give us? Why is it so important for our future? In this article we’ll answer these questions and analyze the benefits of science education.

Explore the World of Science

Scientists are people who investigate the world around them to understand the phenomena that occur naturally. They try to find the underlying principles that govern these phenomena and use them to create new technologies and products. Scientists are explorers. They are curious about the world and try to discover new things.

They observe the world, ask questions, and try to find answers. They observe the stars, planets, animals, plants, diseases, minerals, etc. and their behavior. They ask questions like:

  • “What makes the sky blue?”

  • “How are tides formed?”
  • “Why do we have seasons?”
  • “Why do we see stars only during the night?”
  • “How does water come out of a tap?”
  • “What is this strange thing called ‘electricity’?”
  • “What causes diseases?”

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Science education teaches you how to think critically. It equips you with the tools and techniques to study a phenomenon and arrive at your own conclusion. It encourages you to question everything and not to accept things as they are. 

Biologists study the evolution of life on the planet, geologists study the earth’s layers, physicists study the basic laws of nature, and astronomers study the galaxies.

Science is not just about reading books and studying in the lab.

Promote Innovation and Creativity

Science is about creating new things. It’s about exploring the unknown and finding ways to make our lives better. Scientists make discoveries and use them to create new technologies such as computers, mobile phones, medicines, vaccines, fertilizers, electricity, aircraft, better manufacturing on aesthetic outfits and so on.

Scientists don’t create things for the sake of it. They create them to solve problems and make our lives easier. When the polio vaccine was discovered, researchers didn’t create it with the intention of getting a Nobel prize. They created it to eradicate polio and make our children healthy.

Aesthetics And Anime – Animecore Makes An Anime Room

Aesthetics (esthetics) is a subdivision of philosophy delving into the nature and essence of beauty and taste. It is also the philosophy of art studying the aesthetic values, frequently conveyed by judging or evaluating taste. In design, aesthetic is the major basis or foundation that defines the beautiful qualities of design as well as draws out the diverse elements of design, which includes color, shape, pattern, balance, movement, scale, and visual weight. If carefully and tastefully chosen, aesthetic artwork and décor can complement the functionality of the design as well as make better the layout of the design.

The rapid rise and prevalence of social media, like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, has made fashion aesthetics more and more known with the huge attention and following it gets. Moreover, the Web today is loaded with words and terms to describe fashion and design sense, taste and style. Words that didn’t exist or weren’t known before.

Animecore – The Key Aesthetic For Your Anime Room

When designing and decorating an anime room or anime-inspired room, Anime is obviously your inspiration. Anime is the term used in Japan to depict any type of cartoon or animation no matter what style. Outside Japan, anime is classified as a conventional style of Japanese animation, wherein it is hand-drawn then animated using a computer.

In design Aesthetics, Animecore is this primary basis. As the term implies and previously described, Animecore centers on Japanese animations as well as Japanese culture exemplified in these animations. Animecore has many subgenres in the same way anime has different genres. This includes Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, and Kawaii (which means cute).

To create an anime room, the fundamental design elements embody Animecore Aesthetic, which is clear-cut and glaringly obvious, and are determined by one’s personal preference of anime. For example, animations with reference to magical girls are widely part of and reflected in Animecore. Sailor Moon is an example. If your anime room is inspired by Sailor Moon, your design Aesthetics will entail the use of pastel colors, sparkles, glitters, and other Sailor Moon-themed items and products.

It is possible for you to design and decorate your anime-inspired room in a particular style or theme that you want or desire. Basically, you first need to know which anime/s you love and enjoy so you can draw out and gather inspiration from them. From there, you can identify the right color palette and which items to include in your anime room. This includes anime wall décor, bedding, furniture, plush toys, anime figurines to display, collectibles, lighting, anime room accessories, and other anime merchandise.

To give you more ideas on and options to include to your anime room, check out

Reading: Simplest Way To Remain Informed

Technology has penetrated all aspects of our lives, reforming how we accomplish work, gain knowledge, as well as get most of our day-to-day tasks done. As technology continues to advance, it is becoming more inevitable and certain that these technologies that we have are beginning to reveal our civic hopes and expectations, which is the desire to connect and communicate with others as well as to contribute and play a role in the world we are living in.

There is no doubt that technology has become part and a necessity in most areas of the lives of people. If we observe our day-to-day routine and count every device and gadget we make use of, we will understand how important and heavily reliant we are on technology that we seem unable to do things easily and efficiently without it.

As technology is now a vital part of people’s lives in this modern world, we have to keep up and stay informed as technology constantly advances. Moreover, the right knowledge and information will help understand the technology more, enabling us to efficiently make best use of them.  

On Technology: Read To Stay Informed

One of the easiest and most facile means to remain informed and cognizant of technology is to read all about it. Thanks to technology, there is plenty of publications and other reading sources on the Web that you can access to begin reading.

The zeal for gadgets and technology has driven gadgets website to furnish readers beneficial knowledge about a variety of gadgets and technology as a whole. The site has numerous materials with an easy-to-read layout. Generally, you’ll find yourself reading simple yet informative contents about everyday gadgets that you will surely turn out to be useful, including:

  • Helpful How-tos
  • Software and Gadgets Reviews
  • Relevant Tips and Tricks
  • Insightful Consumer Guides

With technology having an immense impact on the daily lives of people, gadgets websites also create content aimed towards bettering the behavior as well as the spending decisions of gadget and technology consumers, making them more conscious of how they use and consume technology. 

Science and Education are Changing the World and You Can Too

Science and education are changing the world and you can too. They are key to the future of humanity.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the way we have been taught to learn is not adapting quickly enough.

If you want to be successful in life, it is important that you know how to learn new things quickly. Science and education are key ways for us to be able to do this.

Introduction: Science & Education are Changing Lives in Incredible Ways and They Won’t Stop

Science and Education are changing lives in incredible ways. They won’t stop. It’s the only thing that will make our lives better, more fulfilling and exciting.

Science is the study of how things work and how to change them for the better. Education is the process of learning through teaching, which helps us to understand ourselves and others better.

The future is bright with scientific discoveries that can help us live healthier and happier lives.

How to Embrace the Power of Science & Education

It is important to embrace the power of science and education in order to improve our quality of life.

Science and Education are two powerful tools that can help us make a significant change in our lives. We need to understand the importance of these two tools and how they can help us achieve our goals.

There are many ways that we can utilize the power of science and education in order to improve our quality of life. We just need to know where to look for them and what they provide for us.

There are countless opportunities for people to transform their lives, and science and education are two of the most important. We’ve gathered together a few scientific breakthroughs like lie detector test that have had a significant impact over the years.

Industrial Engineers: Science And Towing Business?

After graduation, industrial engineers, like many academics, are faced with the question; business or science? Those who gain experience in both areas score particularly well. Companies are in demand of specialists with experience in research and teaching. Science, in turn, benefits from the practical experience of industrial engineers in well-known companies and international corporations. In the free economy, industrial engineers perform important interface tasks between business administration and Heavy Duty Towing engineering. The prospects for a career with a comparatively high salary are excellent after just a few years of work.

Science or Heavy Duty Towing business: The doctorate as a career springboard

The decision to do a doctorate immediately after studying offers an industrial engineer the opportunity to gain initial experience in science and teaching. A doctorate at the university combined with a job as a research assistant gives concrete insights into the scientific operation.

An interesting alternative is the combination of business and science. An industrial engineer who is aiming for a doctorate as part of a job in a company or institute combines practical work in a business with scientific tasks. Companies and institutes for industrial engineers often offer doctoral positions as project engineers. As part of special projects, graduates then work on their doctorate with the aim of obtaining a doctorate in engineering.

Income prospects for towing industrial engineers: Important factors

If no collective agreement applies to a company, numerous factors influence earnings in the private sector, such as professional experience, managerial responsibility and company size.

Industry check: Where do industrial engineers earn best?

In the free economy, on the other hand, there is more latitude in salary. In addition to the factors mentioned, such as professional experience and the size of the company, the industry in which an industrial engineer is hired also has a major impact on his salary. He can expect top salaries in the following sectors:

  • Chemical and petroleum industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical engineering, precision mechanics and optics
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Telecommunications

Heavy Duty Towing

Finally, the salary of an industrial engineer also depends on his specialization. He earns the best when he takes on tasks in the following areas:

  • Consulting & Lean Management
  • Project management
  • Research and Development
  • Quality control

Industrial engineers are already sought-after experts in business and science due to their versatility. Their salary levels are constantly rising, while the unemployment rate is well below average.

How Science and Technology help Advance the World?

Technology has been one of the most influential forces in shaping the world we live in. From our careers to the way we communicate, expanding networks for Piccadilly Grand condo, it feels like there’s not much that’s left untouched. One great example of this is how technology has helped contribute to advancements in science and medicine. Without it, many of these discoveries would have never been made. Here are ways that science and tech have helped advance civilization.

Technology’s Influence on our Communication

One of the most profound ways that technology has changed our world is in how we communicate. In the past, communication was limited to email, phone calls, and snail mail. But with the rise of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and social media, we have more ways to communicate than ever before.

It’s given people more options for communicating with each other, which has made it easier for us to form new relationships with others. It also makes it easier for people to create groups in order to stay connected and exchange information about a particular topic or interest.

Digital communication has helped people connect in meaningful ways that would have been impossible in previous generations–all thanks to technology!

How Technology is changing the World?

Technology has been one of the most influential forces in shaping the world we live in. In fact, it feels like there’s not much that’s left untouched. One great example of this is how technology has helped contribute to advancements in science and medicine. Without it, many of these discoveries would have never been made.

Science and tech have changed the world in a number of ways. Here are six major ways that technology helps humanity advance:

  1. Advancements in Science and Medicine
  2. Connection between Different Cultures
  3. Improvements in Education
  4. Increased Connectivity
  5. Greater Accessibility

Communication across Borders

One of the most influential ways that science and technology have helped advance civilization is through communication across borders. The invention of computers and the internet has made it possible for information to flow freely. This means that knowledge can be shared on a scale never seen before, which has contributed to advancements in everything from medicine to agriculture.

Computer Software Solutions Used Across Industries –

Microsoft Office is a bundled office tools software innovated by Microsoft. These are incredibly useful tools that are extensively used at home, in offices and schools so as to manage, organize and present data and information. The primary applications include:

  • MS Word – for word processing and document creation
  • MS Excel – a powerful data analysis and visualization tool
  • MS PowerPoint – for slideshow creation and presentation
  • MS Publisher – a simple layout and design program able to create and share professional-looking publications
  • MS OneNote – a program designed for note-taking and information storage
  • MS Outlook – for organizing emails, scheduling, and sharing calendar and files
  • MS Access – a program for managing and storing information for reference, analysis, and reporting

Since there are several MS Office programs to select from, and where not all of these programs are relevant to every MS Office user, Microsoft created versions and editions of these applications to meet the diverse needs of different users across industries. There is an MS Office suite for home use, students, small businesses, large corporations, and even for government use. The cost of each suite depends on what is included in the bundle.

Reliable Software Solutions at an Affordable Cost – Https://

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is an edition of the Office 2019 version. Available as a one-time buy via volume licensing providers or online retail stores, this productivity software by Microsoft is a widely-used business office suite.

MS Office 2019 Pro Plus is an Office suite intended for small businesses. It has all the fundamental toolset for you to carry out and complete tasks in the best possible and professional way, anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Aside from the core MS programs – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook – Publisher, Access, OneDrive and Skype for Business are also included in the suite. Along with new and improved features, Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus can significantly aid in increasing productivity as well as connect authorized users to major business processes, allowing you and your team to accomplish much more in a short period of time. is a trusted online store where you can choose from a range of software solutions and operating systems at a price that you can definitely afford. They offer the best products from Microsoft designed for commercial use and private use, whether you are in need of an operating system, a server system, or a suite of productivity software, including Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

If you are uncertain of which software solution would best fit your needs and budget, has consultants with the industry knowledge and experience who are ready and glad to provide you advise on the most suitable products for your software needs.

Microsoft Education for Teachers and Students

As Microsoft is aware of the diverse needs of its users, their products are designed to provide functionality, reliability and stability. As a result, most of their products are widely used across industries, including the Education industry.

To help students and teachers gain equitable accessibility to technology, Microsoft introduced an array of products and services designed for educational purposes, providing schools reliable technologies, solutions as well as education expertise so as to help every learner reach their potentials and to fast-track opportunities.

Office 365 Education, for instance, is a set of services making it possible for educators to collaborate, communicate, share resources and course work/schoolwork with fellow educators and students, assign work as well as provide students feedbacks. Moreover, Office 365 Education has a number of in-built features to facilitate effective distance learning. This tool is available to both educators and students at eligible learning institutions free of charge, so they can have access to MS Office applications and other classroom tools added in the suite.


Reasons Why You should be Watching Educational TV Shows

Educational TV shows are some of the most popular programs on TV. They’re educational, they teach new skills and concepts, and they entertain the viewers too. These shows can be your perfect escape from real life. Here are some reasons why you should be watching educational TV shows instead of other sources for learning new skills or knowledge.

Reasons why You should be Watching Educational TV Shows

You may be thinking that educational TV shows are just another genre of entertainment. In reality though, it teaches its viewers real lessons in the subject that it is on.

Educational TV Shows Teach New Skills and Concepts

Some people don’t have the time to read a book or study for long periods of time. They might not be able to commit the time needed for in-depth learning, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn something new from watching a show. There are many different types of educational TV shows available, so you’ll always find one that will interest you.

Watch Entertaining Programs while Learning

Educational TV shows can be great entertainment while also teaching valuable lessons to students too!

With the wide variety of educational TV shows out there, it is easy to find something fun and interesting that will help enhance your knowledge as well as keep you entertained.

Besides, if you have IPTV, a simple browse will lead you to tons of shows that focus on this genre.

You can Escape from Real Life with these Programs

One of the best things about educational TV shows is that they are an alternative way to escape from reality and spend some time doing something relaxing, rather than being concerned on the real world. It can be difficult to take breaks every day when your workload seems endless, but by watching an educational TV show, you get a chance to relax and focus on something else for a little bit too!

Make Teaching Fun!

One of the best parts about watching TV is that it’s fun. Watching educational TV shows can be just as much fun because of the new concepts and skills you will learn. The best part is they’re entertaining too! Educational TV shows are a great way to learn something new, but also have entertainment value.

Scottsdale Car Dealearship Sponsors Education In Crisis Areas


Education means the future. In difficult life situations, education creates hope for a better life for the younger generation. Learning spaces also offer stability, create a routine, and, very importantly, protect children from abuse and exploitation. Educational qualifications provide the urgently needed perspectives for young people and adults. They give rise to employment opportunities and entrepreneurship, the key to overcoming hunger and poverty.


Millions of children are out of school for years

About 75 million children in critical or conflict areas are currently out of school. Their education is often interrupted for years. This dramatic number continues to grow as a result of the ongoing global crisis and conflict. This has revealed the urgent need for excellent and wide-ranging educational opportunities. It is becoming increasingly important to see and plan for this as a fundamental part of humanitarian emergency assistance, as well as providing food, shelter, water, sanitation, and transportation to people.

Private institutions if necessary, cover the running costs of school management or psychosocial care. Temporary learning centers, so-called summer schools/holiday camps, and meeting centers were set up in Syria and Iraq. Cooperation and division of labor with local stakeholders, other non-governmental organizations specializing in basic education, and (super) government officials is very important to provide for children in times of crisis.

Meanwhile, institutions took initiative to contribute to expanding education in crisis areas. These institutions are mostly private companies from the United States and European countries. A Scottsdale Car Dealership is among the contributors that have contributed handsomely to this cause.  You can check out more about Scottsdale Dealership and see inventory here.


Education of Children in Crisis and Conflict Needs More Focus

– Development of policies needs to be coherent in its commitment to education. Interim aid; links humanitarian aid with development cooperation.
– More ambitions in funding! Contributions from various private and government institutions show economic strength. Education as a cross-cutting mission of development cooperation should not be ignored in the process of accountability.
– The federal government should play an active role in shaping “education cannot wait for the money.” The purpose of this fund is to provide safe, free, and qualified education to all children and adolescents affected by the crisis by 2030.

The relationship between humanitarian aid and transitional aid

Despite all the issues identified in the survey clarifying the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Are increasingly aware of the importance of education. We call for clarification of the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development is solely responsible for educational measures for children in crisis and conflict areas, then help will be too late. Those who have influenced themselves (both children and adults) want to get involved early on.

6 Qualities Schools Look For When Hiring Great Science Teachers

Biology Class


For his or her children, parents request the best K-12 science teachers year after year. Aside from knowing their material, these teachers do all they’ll to confirm their students are learning the fabric in order that once they graduate from high school, they’ll be career-ready, college-prepared, and ready to contribute to society. Being enthusiastic about teaching effective, curriculum and standards-based science lessons, coming for work early, and helping their school excel are just some of the other qualities of a decent teacher include.

6 Qualities of a decent teacher

  • Engages students at a high level
  • Knows students’ learning styles
  • Brings science lessons to life with real-world applications
  • Understands student sensitivities and differences
  • Is committed to continual professional improvement
  • Adjusts science lesson plans supported students’ assessment evaluations


ALSO READ: The Science of Learning in Educational Apps


Professional Development Essential

Good science teachers make a commitment to stay their science education current by taking advantage of professional development opportunities. Additionally to training provided onsite and offsite at the varsity, consider getting the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction – Science Education graduate degree. Adhering to national and Texas standards and could be a great pathway for Ph.D. students in the M.Ed. Science may be a no-thesis, activity-based degree. Highly effective science teachers are even as committed to their own learning on their students’. Understanding the newest instructional topics like scientific misconceptions/alternative conceptions, logical-mathematical and scientific reasoning, and motivation are among the advantages of the academic degree.

Leaders within the Classroom and therefore the School

Other qualities of a decent instructor that top recruiters look for are standards-based science curriculum and being active within the larger science education discipline, which are Contributing to their school’s high quality. A decent instructor works to confirm colleagues are current about the newest systemic teaching methods and Science education is broader than the classroom. By helping the varsity as an entire to achieve success, a decent instructor is strengthening America’s economy and competitiveness, one science lesson at a time.


The Relevance of Education in Society

Do you believe that going to school and working on college assignments is a waste of time? If you do, you should evaluate your statement since education is an important aspect of a society’s development and advancement. People who are educated may make a substantial contribution to their families and society in a variety of ways, resulting in a stable and interesting community. What are the benefits of education to society? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

1. Increasing the number of job openings

Finding a job, even if it is a postal worker position in liteblue usps gov login page is difficult, particularly during difficult economic times. For a vacant post, you may have to compete with hundreds of other applicants. Furthermore, the lower one’s educational level, the more individuals apply for the same low-paying entry-level job. You will, however, boost your chances of getting a satisfying career if you have the appropriate credentials and educational background.

2. Increasing Your Earnings

Higher-educated individuals with a diverse range of experience are more likely to get high-paying, expert positions. If you want to live comfortably, you must study hard, devote your time and effort to gaining information and achieving a high level of competence. Your qualifications will persuade a prospective employer to hire you over another applicant. Studying diligently throughout your school and studies demonstrates that you are not frightened of hard work and are capable of achieving your objectives.

3. Improving problem-solving abilities

One of the advantages of education is that it teaches us how to acquire and develop critical and logical thinking, as well as how to make autonomous judgments. When children grow up, they confront a variety of challenges, including repaying college debts, finding work, purchasing a vehicle and a home, and providing for their families.

4. Improving the Economic Situation

People with strong intellectual and educational credentials are more likely to get well-paid positions. The greater their schooling and achievements, the more job opportunities they will have. People who were up poor but went to school have a good possibility of changing their life and contributing to a reduction in the poverty rate in society.

The Science of Learning in Educational Apps


Educational Apps

They have become an integral part of education. Thousands of them have been described, are recommended, or discouraged. They are used everywhere in education. Are all those apps good and useful in education practice? Definitely not! Fortunately, there are very good apps and also just good apps.

However, there are many mediocre to bad apps that cannot be answered. How do you know which product is good or bad? To this end, evaluation studies are conducted by experts who not only know something about how to write computer programs but above all what learning is.


Learning Sciences

They give their opinion and a good article about it is that of Hirsh Pasek and his colleagues. This article was published earlier this year under the title “Putting Education in Educational Apps: Lessons from the Science of Learning”. In this article, Judith Keizer and I summarize four key points. How to apply learning sciences in an educational app.

Children learn best when the following requirements are met:

* You are actively involved (“hands-on”). Just touching the screen or clicking on the figure requires little mental effort. In order for cognitively active learning to take place, children need to think more positively about their behavior. For example, swipe your character elsewhere to navigate.

* You will be involved in the learning process as little as possible. Sounds and clips are useful, for example, as rewards when you meet your learning goals. However, if you do not need them, it is best to avoid them as much as possible. They distract from the learning process.

* The app makes sense. This means that the app matches your child’s personal history or something the child knows from their environment. For example, if a child does not know the letters of the alphabet, the “ABC song” is just a song with no deeper meaning.

* Social interaction takes place. Supports learning. This can happen, for example, because you need to play or resolve issues that require communication via Skype or SMS in sequence. For example, there is a “parasocial” interaction with the app’s character.


Science Explains How Chairs Influence Our Sitting Posture

While growing up, we’ve been told to stand or sit up straight because it’s the socially proper posture to make especially in a classroom and in public places. Yet physiology experts learned from research studies that the design features of chairs influence the human body’s tendency to slump. When seated for long hours without proper back and arm support, we slump to relax from a rigid sitting position.
Scientific studies also revealed that sitting still for long periods of time can cause tissue compression, leading to feelings of discomfort. It also causes poor blood circulation and at worst, allow extracellular fluids to accumulate in the lower legs.

Can Feelings of Comfort or Discomfort be the Basis for Our Choice of Workstation Chair?

While we consider it a wise-buying decision to personally test the comfortability of a chair we are about to buy, we tend to associate a chair’s comfortable features with feelings of softness, warmth, relaxation and stability.

A chair is also comfortable if it lets heat and humidity escape while supporting our seated body. The question however is if these attributes can prevent our body from feeling cramped, sore, strained or simply ill at ease while sitting for an extended period of time?
Further scientific studies on how chairs, particularly for office use, can be improved with the application of the principles of ergonomics.

Ergonomics and its Application on Chair Designs

Ergonomics is a science that involves focusing on how objects or appurtenances can be constructed and arranged in ways that best compliment safe and easy human interaction.

In 1976, “The Ergon Chair” was introduced as the revolutionary task chair. It was designed and created by Herman Miller and Bill Stumpf, specifically built to provide the best seating support for the human body; not only in terms of comfort and posture but also in terms of health benefits. The Ergo Chair provided the blueprint for modern office chairs that came to be known as ergonomic chairs.

Generally, ergonomic chairs gives support to the spine to prevent lower back pain, whilst alleviating neck and shoulder pains. The also help keep keep joints in neutral position to provide additional comfort. The overall health benefits of using ergonomic office chairs is that they can lessen risks of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

However, ergonomic chairs are effective only if the user makes it a point to sit properly, as the chairs are not designed to follow the sitting posture preferred by the user.

Gaming Chairs vs Ergonomic Office Chairs

In 2006, around the time when esports started taking the video gaming world by storm, car seat manufacturer DXRacer took notice that back problems were becoming prevalent among American gamers. The company then introduced the first gaming chair that are basically ergonomic chairs; but with additional features.

Gaming chairs made a big difference because their design and features allow video game players to sit comfortably without confining them to a rigid position during long hours of sitting in front of their gaming console.

While gaming chairs still apply basic ergonomic science, it does the work of holding a user’s body against the forces of gravity that is pulling down the torso, head, arms and neck. The standard gaming chairs have high padded backrest that comes with and with neck and lower back cushions as main support. lumbar cushions provides the main support.

The demand for gaming chairs has increased, especially now that working and studying from home has become norms. Yet choosing the right gaming chair that meets one’s budget can be a daunting task. In Ireland, where video gaming is highly popular, a website called dedicated to offering Kirogi Gaming Chairs. Here, Irish consumers find comprehensive information on why it is the ultimate go-to brand from which to select affordable gaming chairs that provide comfort and ease.

IQ Test Gratis: Science, Education & Intelligence

What actually is intelligence? One seldom agrees on this question. For one, someone is intelligent who performs well in school. Someone who can answer IQ test gratis without difficulty. For another, it is someone who can solve difficult logic puzzles, even if it is of no relevance in everyday life.

IQ test: A Brief History of Intelligence

Even in antiquity, people came to the conclusion that intelligence is divided into two parts. The first form of intelligence comprises a person’s education and experience. The second form is the ability to acquire them.

In the Middle Ages, this term changed and both styles merged into one. This leads to the ignorant attitude that someone could not be called educated who did not speak Latin. It was not until the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries that people returned to the knowledge of ancient scholars.

The seat of intelligence was assumed to be in the brain and this was understood as a machine whose function one has to measure and fathom in order to arrive at the solution to the question.

IQ test: What does modern science understand by intelligence?

IQ test gratis

Today’s science is based on the tradition of ancient theories again from a two-part division of intelligence. The experiences a person has in the course of his life and the facts he learns are known as crystalline intelligence. The ability to acquire this, on the other hand, as fluid intelligence. These terms go back to the American personality psychologist Raymond Bernard Cattel, who introduced it in 1971, so crystalline intelligence can be seen as a kind of personal possession.

Fluid intelligence, on the other hand, is the tool that you need to acquire it. Just as you can’t build a house without tools, even if it’s just your hands, you can’t acquire skills or knowledge if you don’t have fluid intelligence. A high level of fluid intelligence is necessary in order to quickly find one’s way in unfamiliar situations and to acquire new skills and facts.

IQ test: What diminishes fluid intelligence?

Children and adolescents are constantly confronted with new things in school. They also live out a high degree of frequently changing social contacts and confrontations. This is more often no longer the case with older people. Ultimately, however, it is the people themselves who change less and less. This lack of change and challenge is one of the reasons that compromise fluid intelligence. This makes you slow to grasp things.

Ebooks and E-Readers In The Learning Space – NOOK vs KINDLE: Which is Better Choice? [2021] – Reading Device

One of the wonderful things that many enjoy are books. If your home has a mini library of your favorite books, you surely wouldn’t be trading them for anything, even for an eBook reader. However, although an eBook reader doesn’t have the tactile attribute of a physical book, avid readers have to consider owning an eBook because of the many advantages it offers.

NOOK vs KINDLE: Which is Better Choice? [2021] – Reading Device

As increasingly more books are being published in digital format, the use of eBook readers have also risen. Today, there are a lot of brands and models of e-readers to choose from in the market. However, only a few were found to be the best, including the Nook and Kindle. But between Nook and Kindle, which should you purchase?

When it comes to choosing between Nook and Kindle, there are numerous factors to compare and contrast in order for you to determine which will meet your eBook reading needs and of course your budget. Searching the internet, there are a lot of sources that could help you with this. is one. In their NOOK vs KINDLE: Which is Better Choice? [2021] – Reading Device guide, you will be presented with a very informative comparison chart of the Nook and Kindle. It gives you a side-by-side comparison of the e-readers, providing a good and helpful picture of the features they have.

A comprehensive review of the Nook and Kindle is also provided, giving you a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of how similar and different these eBook reading devices are in terms of design, screen size, display resolution, weight and size, battery life, functionality, built-in features, supported eBook formats, cost, and more.

With the NOOK vs KINDLE: Which is Better Choice? [2021] – Reading Device guide by, you will definitely be able to make an informed purchasing decision and begin to enjoy reading your eBooks in the most convenient and comfortable way.

How Students Can Benefit from E-books and E-readers

As many physical academic reference materials and textbooks could be hard to locate and obtain nowadays, increasingly more students and teachers are now turning to eBooks and choose to use a standalone e-reader to access and read them.

Yes, eBooks and e-readers aren’t only for casual reading. They are now also used by many educators to aid them in their teaching as well as students in their learning as well as foster their love for reading.

eBooks and e-readers do have their own set of advantages that students can greatly benefit from. Here are some:

  • E-readers make eBook reading interactive and engaging. Since eBooks can come with images, videos, audios, and external links, where e-readers make it possible for you to read, view or listen to them, learning becomes more engaging and interactive, and since reading becomes more interesting, opportunities for supplementary and advanced learning is present.
  • Referencing and Dictionary Feature. These are two of the many features that e-readers have which many users find very helpful. If there are words that students don’t understand, the dictionary feature displays the definition of the term with only a few taps. This is particularly helpful for students whose native language isn’t English.
  • Availability of eBooks. E-readers allow users to browse, purchase, download, store and read eBooks in a single device. Moreover, with an e-reader all the eBooks, users can bring with them anywhere the eBooks they have and access them anytime they need and want to.
  • Note-taking and Note-sharing Feature. Standalone e-readers allow users to create notes and annotations which could also be shared to other users. This makes note-taking and note-sharing much easier for students.

Science | Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

Let’s be honest: many of us do not wake up when the alarm goes off, and the bed is not made every day. But there are reasons to reconsider your habits! A neatly made bed  such as wingback beds is the first step towards happiness, says science. Home aesthetics: one pillow, two pillows How many of us don’t want to see perfectly smooth sheets and fluffy pillows on our way home from work? They beckon to them and seem to say: “Hello, master! Lie down – rest! ” But in the morning, time is sorely lacking for anything. So is it worth wasting it on the dubious importance of “tinsel”? Psychologists, sociologists, scientists, and doctors insist: “Of course!” and provide a whole list of compelling arguments.


You can finally get some sleep

Scientific research conducted in 2010 by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) showed that people who make their bed every morning get better sleep than those who skip this “routine.” The study involved 1.5 thousand people. At the same time, 44% of supporters of a neatly made bed noted that they sleep well every or almost every night. Among the opposite camp, there were only 37% of them. And even if the difference is not very big – it’s worth a try! Maybe you too will have vivid colored dreams.

Every morning will be kind

There are people who cannot wake up without a cup of coffee. Simple physical activity will help improve their mood in the morning and tone the body. For example, while brewing a drink, you can make the bed. Simple actions activate blood circulation and relieve drowsiness, and then a cup of coffee will no longer be perceived just as “routine”, but as an encouragement for a small step forward.

You will earn more

This unexpected conclusion was reached by the American journalist of the New York Times, a graduate of the Harvard School of Economics, writer Charles Duhigg. In his best-selling book, The Power of Habit, he explains this by saying that a simple morning ritual is excellent for discipline, which extends to other areas as well. In support of his words, the author cites scientific works that prove: people making the bed are more often satisfied with their lives and usually earn better.

You will reduce the manifestations of stress

Many people feel “kind envy” for those who are always ready to open the door to guests, and the perfect order in his house looks great. But posts on social media show that such people are in the minority. But a bed made in the morning is already half the battle on the way to a tidied bedroom! In addition, polls show that if the bed is made, the “artistic mess” around it is easier to perceive. Less remorse – better mood, which means victory over stress! As psychologist Andrew Mellen says, “When you make your bed, you clean up your head.”

It will help cope with allergies

If you carry out simple calculations, it turns out that most of the time a working person spends at home in bed. Few people manage to be able to work without 6-8 hours of sleep a night! And if the bed is not made all day, more dust, pet hair, and other allergens will get on the bedding. So is it worth surprising the frequent manifestations of the disease?

You will feel happier

Sociologists conducted an interesting study involving 68 thousand people among users of the social network It turned out that 71% of respondents who do not forget to make their bed in the morning feel happy. Among the opponents of “unnecessary body movements”, only 62% of them. But the most surprising thing is that according to the same study, proponents of a made bed are more likely to have their own home, good jobs, and do fitness as opposed to bed sloths – who rent housing, complain about low-wage work, and shy away from physical activity.

You will have time for real life

Sexologists and somnologists are unanimous on one thing: the bed should only be used for sleep or intimate pastime. But many people disregard this recommendation, using the sleeping place to sort things out or “hanging” on gadgets in social networks. A neurologist at Northwestern University, Illinois, USA – Kelly Baron says a made bed is less conducive to watching TV or playing games online, leaving time for more constructive action. Anyone who makes the bed in the morning opens the door to the real world, where there are so many interesting, important and unexplored things.

Make Your Move Lighter And Easier With – Psychological Benefits Of Moving To A New Home And Environment

Moving or relocating isn’t something that you should take lightly, physically as well as mentally. With the amount of time, energy and effort that you have to put in, you simply couldn’t expect it to be easy-peasy. But, moving doesn’t have to be so much trouble or a burden. By making a decision to hire a reliable professional moving company to assist you in the relocation process, you make your move much lighter and easier as well as better your moving experience. – Making Your Move Lighter and Easier

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Moving and Your Psychological Health

While the assistance and help of an expert mover can make your move less stressful and strenuous, moving is a major event in your life that can bring great anxiety not only for you but for every member of the family as well. This is because moving entails dealing and coping with change that ripples in all aspects of your life. Despite this, moving to a new home and environment can be beneficial to your psychological health. Here are some:

Get a Fresh Beginning

Although to some this could be terrifying, moving offers you a new and fresh start as you begin a new job, live in a new home and environment, and meet new people. Relocating also offers a chance of reinventing yourself and be the person you’ve aspired to be. While living in the same place for a very long period of time allows you to develop and establish connections with family, friends and the community, you will have the tendency to get stuck and miss more and better opportunities to grow and explore.

New Friends Can Give You New and Different Perspectives

A research in Think Positive shows that meeting and befriending new people leads to numerous psychological health benefits, like boosted mood and improved cognitive ability. When you are always around the same people you of course become comfortable and at ease with them. However, you can become too comfortable which can also cause to have the same perspectives. By moving, you force yourself to meet new people and move out of your comfort zone. It can be tough but being around new people can broaden or improve your perspectives on a lot of things.

Moving is an Opportunity for Self-Reflection

Moving disrupts your entire routine and can give some sort of mental “breakpoint” that would make it easier for you to ponder on where you are in life as well as some opportunity for profound self-reflection. As you do this, you get to realize a lot of things, such all the positives that you have in life and the negatives and toxicity you need to let go of.

How Can Art And Science Support Each Other?

Collaboration between art and science regularly leads to surprising innovations. How biology and architecture, psychology, and the visual arts can reinforce each other. If everything goes as planned, a huge massive block of art will be constructed near Rotterdam within two years. Eight by eight meters in area, twelve meters high. What makes it special is that while art tools like house paintbrushes are easily accessible you can search and read more about house paint brushes, the material the artists want to use is not because it has never been produced on such a large scale.


“Art and science have more in common than you might initially think,” says visual artist Barbara Visser. This month, after three years, she stepped down as president of the Academy of Arts. “Science seems very precise and systematic, but there too it is all about creativity, daring, and patience.” According to her, it was one of the reasons for the KNAW to give artists a place within the Academy again. ‘Weather’, because when the KNAW was founded in 1808, it was still called the Royal Institute of Sciences, Literature, and Fine Arts. Artists and scientists were on an equal footing. It was Thorbecke who expelled the artist class because in a liberal state the government was not allowed to influence the liberal arts.


The RAAAF sandstone project – a collaboration with Atelier de Lyon – is a good example of this. Biotechnician Leon van Paassen, who obtained his Ph.D. on environmentally friendly sandstone, came into contact with RAAAF ten years ago. Architects and artists such as Rietveld and De Lyon are valuable to him because they show how his lab work can be applied in practice. “They encourage me to think out of the box. At the moment, our technology has not been applied much in practice and is quite expensive. Contractors are therefore often still skeptical.” Erik and Ronald Rietveld are speeding up the development process with the design for the giant sand block in the port of Rotterdam. Until now, the largest block made in Delft was 40 cubic meters. The design for the port of Rotterdam requires almost twenty times more sandstone. “The researchers feel challenged to grow such a large amount of bacteria,” says Ronald Rietveld enthusiastically. And driving this process is also important to him. “Who knows, we may be able to build dune houses in fifteen years’ time.”


The collaboration has even more to offer. Van Paassen: “It is the task of science to show the world what we do. Architects help us with that.” People will soon be able to see and touch the sand block. “Making scientific research tangible and experienceable”, the Studio RAAAF duo calls this. “We can show the potential of the research. But it also appeals visually. That is important because you have to touch people first. Only then do they delve deeper into the subject.” “In addition”, Erik adds, “we often achieve much more international impact through media attention with our art than I ever could with a philosophical article.”

Office of the future

When art and science become intertwined, the boundaries sometimes seem to blur. In ‘The End of Sitting’ Erik and Ronald Rietveld, together with Barbara Visser, explored what the office of the future could look like. They were inspired by scientific research by Hidde van der Ploeg about the dangers of sitting a lot for health. His work, combined with the philosophical idea that the environment shapes our behavior, led to the creation of an office landscape without desks or chairs. After experimenting with people’s lying, supporting, and learning positions, the artists created an office landscape that should encourage people to work in new positions and to change positions more often. Once the installation was completed, scientists at the University of Groningen decided to investigate the effects of the End of the Sitting landscape. The results were positive. So in this case it was the artists who, inspired by science, did research and created something new.

Lebensreform movement

The role of the artist as a researcher is taken to a higher level at Leiden University. Visual artists can follow a special Ph.D. trajectory there at the Humanities. The final project consists of both a work of art and research that places the work in an academic context. Ruchama Noorda, for example, obtained her doctorate in 2015 for the Lebensreform movement, which emerged at the end of the nineteenth century. In her own work, from a critical point of view, she takes a lot of inspiration from the movement that revolves around an alternative lifestyle, back to nature. For her dissertation, she studied various media outputs surrounding the movement to analyze its influence on European and American art and culture. Her dissertation consisted not only of the written research but also of an exhibition. At the center of the space was a cave, built of wire mesh and natural materials. People could sit here on a cushion to watch a video, in which Noorda herself can be seen eating a medicinal plant, interspersed with a visualization of the trip she subsequently experienced.

The Professions In The Rail Industry

The railway in Germany is a large network of state and private transport companies. Companies in the railway construction sector, service companies, logistics companies and suppliers complete the range of innovative and reliable employers.

It is not without reason that rail jobs are among the most permanent, sustainable and future-proof jobs.

Here are just a few aspects for DB rail industry

db reiseauskunft

Independence from fossil fuels: The more oil and gas a country imports, the more dependent it becomes on other nations. Current developments on the world political stage clearly show how central electromobility is for the successful future of Germany as an export nation.

Climate protection: companies get more than a third of the energy they need from renewable sources, and the trend is rising. There is enormous potential in the rail industry to achieve the climate targets.

Healthy mobility: the way to the bus stop must not take too long. Nevertheless, train drivers move more than car commuters and in this way take care of their health.

Safe mobility: Train drivers reach their destination more safely than car drivers.

Protection of future generations: Mobility and traffic result in indirect costs that are passed on to society as a whole. Poor air quality in large cities causes respiratory diseases and street noise leads to sleep disorders and stress-related illnesses. It can be assumed that these side effects cause around eighty billion euros per year in Germany.

Many varied professional fields in DB railway transport

After successfully completing school, the railway industry offers different access routes. There are around forty different apprenticeships and dual courses of study open to applicants. Sustainable mobility is a central topic of the present and future.

Rail-related jobs, therefore, offer a secure and expanding professional field. More than half a million people currently work in the rail industry.

Rail professions in a wide variety of areas are waiting for young professionals from the university.

The German railways need specialists from the following areas

  • Mechanical engineering and engineering professions
  • Information technology
  • Business administration

The option for a db reiseauskunft career means an exciting job alternative for specialists with professional experience. As one of the largest areas of work in Germany, skilled workers can find a wide range of development opportunities in the rail industry.

How Air Purifiers Can Protect Classrooms from COVID-19

Student wearing face mask


Parents, students, and educators alike are understandably trying to find every possible way to reduce the danger of COVID-19 transmission in classrooms, as the beginning of another year is rapidly closing in. Despite relatively low risks in younger populations and widespread vaccine protection, COVID-19 still poses a really real risk. The new delta variant compounds these risks, because of its ability to avoid vaccine-induced immunity in some cases.

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic are testing portable air purifiers and other air filtration devices in classroom-like settings as a possible countermeasure. The team’s findings offer promising evidence that air purifiers in classrooms could add an important extra layer of protection for college kids and teachers as reported by farewell America.

For their test, the researchers constructed a space laid out sort of a typical classroom. They placed a mannequin that is capable of “breathing” a colored aerosol fluid that may disperse through the center of the room. This allowed the researchers to roughly mimic the style within which aerosol droplets in human breath, the foremost transmission pathway of the virus that causes COVID-19, move within a closed space. The team could determine how effective the air purifiers were for limiting the likelihood of virus transmission within the classroom By measuring the number of fluids that were deposited at various points within the room.


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The test provided significant evidence for the utilization of air purifiers in classrooms. The research team found significant reductions within the spread of the aerosol using air purifiers positioned throughout the space. The air purifiers also reduced airborne particle concentrations by up to 5 times. This resulted in higher overall air quality. Provided that other research has shown a tentative link between air quality and test scores, this improvement in and of itself may be a strong argument for the utilization of portable air purifiers in schools.

it’s important to stay in mind that air purifiers are just one part of the puzzle when it involves protecting students and teachers from COVID-19 as the results of the research were certainly promising. Existing HVAC filtration systems, masking, and proper distancing all play a job keep classrooms safe. Investing in portable air purifiers for classrooms could also be an honest solution for schools looking to feature an additional layer of protection.

The best air purifiers are those with HEPA filters to use for COVID-19 protection. HEPA air purifiers can catch virus-sized particles within the air, making them an efficient protection measure. While UV germicidal lamps are useful, the necessity of fixing UV bulbs regularly could present technical or financial difficulties for schools.

Schools trying to find cost-effective and maintenance-free air purifiers may additionally want to seem into the units reviewed at 랭킹닷컴, which are likely to effectively reduce viral infections within the air.